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Results Regard Productivity Of Some Quince Varieties Cultivated In Northern Oltenia Area Depending Of The Arhitectural Elements Of The Trees Crown


Experimental area is located on the third terrace of the Jiu River at the altitude of 383 m in the northern part of Targu-Jiu City on the experimental plantations established in 1987 at Targu-Jiu Fruit-Growing Research and Production Station. Considering the favourable area of the quince culture in Northern Oltenia an experience was placed under the conditions for intensive plantations for zoned varieties. The variety and crown shape are important factors in the intensive cultivation of quince. The experience was placed after the subdivided parcels method with two factors being the type 4 × 5 in three repetitions. The studied factors:- Factor - shaped crown with four graduations - late flat bowl, simple palm, shapeless hedge, bush trunk - Factor B - 5 varieties of quince graduations Aurii, Aromate, Moldoveneşti, De Constantinopol, De Portugalia Results obtained in the three years of study 2012 - 2014 emphasize the superiority of crown shape and variety Moldoveneşti vessel flattened late in terms of quantity and quality of fruit.

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