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Ashu Mittal, Udai Sara and Asgar Ali

Formulation and evaluation of monolithic matrix polymer films for transdermal delivery of nitrendipine

The objective of the present work was to develop a suitable transdermal drug delivery system for nitrendipine. Polymeric films of nitrendipine were prepared by the film casting technique (glass ring) on mercury substrate. They were evaluated for physicochemical parameters, in vitro release and ex vivo permeation (heat separated human epidermis). Release of the drug from the films followed anomalous transport (0.5 < n < 1).

Polymeric combination containing Eudragit RL 100:PVP K 30 in a 4:6 ratio showed the best results. Maximum drug release and skin permeability coefficient in 48 h were 85.8% and 0.0142 cm h-1, respectively, in formulation C3 (Eudragit RL 100/Plasdone S 630; 4:6) and 88.0% and 0.0155 cm h-1, respectively, in formulation, D3 (Eudragit RL 100/PVP K 30; 4:6). FTIR and TLC studies indicated no drug and polymer interaction.