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  • Author: Ari Maghdid Hamad x
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Mechanical Properties of Ferritic Martenstic Steels: A Review


The word-wide demand for energy is constantly increasing, and therefore ideas around future energy-generation are also on the increase with the aim of meeting this demand. This includes designs for the next generation of nuclear power reactors, such as gas-cooled, liquid-metal-cooled and water-cooled reactors; the goal being to create smarter ways to produce more economical, environmentally-friendly energy. The conditions such reactors would need to meet, present significant design challenges for scientist and engineers, not least around the structural materials and components to use. Depending on the operational conditions, use of elevated- temperature ferritic/martensitic materials such as P91 and P92 steel are favoured by several of the designs for use with out-of-core and in-core applications. The main goal behind this review article is to explain mechanical properties of P91 and P92 steel; these are two types of ferritic/martensitic steels. This reviewer, highlight and discuss the development of ferritic/martenisitc steels for nuclear programmes and to explain the effect of irradiation on mechanical properties of P91 and P92.

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