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Lead in the environment of Lake Wigry (NE Poland)

Lead in the environment of Lake Wigry (NE Poland)

Analysis was performed for lead content in the sediments of Lake Wigry (NE Poland), taking into account lithology, basic chemical component content and physical characteristics of sediment, Several hundred sediment samples from different parts of the lake and peatland around the lake, were collected. Their locations were determined by GPS and the depth of sediment by echosounder. The surface layer (0-10 cm) of sediment and sediment cores were taken to determine the spatial and vertical distribution of Pb. Concentrations of lead in the surface sediment range from 2.52 to 469 mg kg-1. One of the most important factors influencing spatial distribution of Pb is sediment type. The highest content of Pb was found in samples of organic gyttja and the lowest in clastic sediment samples. Strong positive linear correlation (r = 0.7) between organic matter content and Pb concentration in sediment was observed. It may be the result of simple bio-accumulation of lead. A large influence of sediment location on Pb distribution was found. The largest concentration of this element was found in sediment of the Wigry Basin. The major part of Pb accumulates in the surface layer of sediment.

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