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Anna Nowak, Anna Kobiałka and Hanna Klikocka


Subject and purpose of work: The subject of this paper is Measure 121 of the 2007-2013 RDP, called Modernisation of agricultural holdings. The objective of the study was to present the diversification of regional absorption of aid funds used under this measure and to assess the correlation between the scale of the use of these funds and the level of labor productivity in agriculture.

Materials and methods: On the basis of the GUS data, the regional differentiation of the absorption of aid funds from the analyzed measure and labor productivity in agriculture were assessed. The relation between these categories was determined based on Pearson’s linear correlation index.

Results and conclusions: A strong regional diversification of labor productivity in agriculture and the level of utilization of European Union funds directed at modernization of agricultural holdings was observed. There is a relation between the scale of the utilization of funds under Measure 121 of the RDP and the efficiency of labor factor. It can therefore be assumed that the form of support investigated is a significant stimulus for the increase in the level of work efficiency.

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Michał Kobiałka, Anna Michalik, Marcin Walczak, Łukasz Junkiert and Teresa Szklarzewicz


The ovaries of the leafhopper Deltocephalus pulicaris are accompanied by large organs termed bacteriomes, which are composed of numerous polyploid cells called bacteriocytes. The cytoplasm of bacteriocytes is tightly packed with symbiotic microorganisms. Ultrastructural and molecular analyses have revealed that bacteriocytes of D. pulicaris contain two types of symbionts: the bacterium “Candidatus Sulcia muelleri” and the bacterium “Candidatus Nasuia deltocephalinicola”. Both symbionts are transovarially transmitted from the mother to the next generation.