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Barbara Tomaszewska, Anna Sowiżdżał and Anna Chmielowska


Geothermal resources have been used in Poland since the 90s of the last century. Since then, several geothermal heating plants, recreation and balneological centers have been operated.

Accessing geothermal resources is possible due to deep boreholes that are either brand-new wells or old but revitalized petroleum and/or exploratory wells. In this case, the construction of production and injection wells is of significant importance. The utilization of deep geothermal energy resources is strongly dependent on the binding domestic law regulations – primarily in case of acquiring the concession enabling an execution of geological and drilling works, and subsequently a proper exploitation.

The paper presents the current state of development of the geothermal energy sector in Poland, indicating examples of exploitation systems based on deep boreholes. Furthermore, the constructions of existing wells are discussed extensively. The existing examples of old but reconstructed wells in Poland, are characterized. The importance of national law and its influence on the development of a geothermal investment is highlighted, as well.