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Ankit Mishra and Linda Kauškale


Sustainable development becomes a necessary practice in every country. Real estate has always been an essential need for humans to survive, almost all human activities are related to real estate. Due to that, as well as due to the growth of population, real estate has grown in numbers in the world for our basic need fulfilment. Major studies have shown that real estate objects are one of the major contributors negatively affecting our environment. Sustainable real estate development is a crucial practice implemented by successful countries and other countries are following them, adopting good practice in this field. Sustainable real estate development analysis not only helps to solve climate change issues, but also increases asset value. The aim of the research is to analyze two northern region capitals: Riga (Latvia) and Stockholm (Sweden) and their major steps being taken to promote sustainable real estate development. The comparative, historical, logical and statistical data analysis methods have been used in the research.