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Wie viel Fremde verträgt eine (nach)-christliche Gesellschaft?
Biblisch-theologische Leitlinien für die aktuelle Debatten um Flucht, Migration und Aufnahme


How many refugees should the German society accept? Which ethical criteria are to be considered in the process of deliberation? Given current ambivalence between principled openness and consequent limitation of migration both in the secular and in the Christian ethical debate, this article develops biblical–theological guidelines for the foundation of a viable migration ethic. Part one reflects on central biblical texts discussing migration and asylum seekers giving attention both to the imperatives to welcome, support and love foreigners and to their warnings against religious apostasy stemming from the acceptance of strangers. Part two poses the hermeneutic question of relevance of biblical theology for a contemporary Christian migration ethic: How can a post-Christian society in a modern pluralistic state benefit from a biblically supported Christian migration ethic? – After working our path through both these levels of discussion, the article delineates selected criteria for a contextually relevant Christian ethic of migration.

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