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Destination management is considered as an advanced form of cooperation among tourism stakeholders who are associated in a destination management organization (DMO). In developed tourist destinations such as the Alpine regions, these institutions were formed spontaneously after a few years dealing with the socio-economic changes in demand to prove their competitiveness. This process strengthened their cooperation. In the Czech and Slovak Republic destination management does not have a long tradition. Although numerous tourism organizations have been established, their identification as DMOs is questionable especially considering the length of cooperation development in the Alpine regions. Therefore the article examines on an example of the Slovak Republic.


The management of a tourist destination in the form of networks is considered to be one of the possible approaches to destination governance structures. The concept of destination governance is based on the cooperation between actors from the public and private sectors. It is known that public–private relationships built on trust, joint risk taking and based on informal structures have a positive impact on the level of growth at a tourist destination. The aim of this paper is to quantify to what extent each of the determinants of the DMO success participate in the total destination performance, and thus point out the factors of a potential risk.

The main objective of this paper is the cooperation between the destination management organization (DMO), public sector and entrepreneurs providing tourism services. The data collection was achieved by conducting in-depth interviews and structured questionnaires. The analysed data identify the factors of successful mutual cooperation that are used as inputs for further modelling. The contribution of the paper lies in the application of the total quality management concept methodology to identify the share of each factor/determinant in the DMO performance.