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It has been known that inositols function as insulin second messengers and mediate different insulin-dependent processes and are a valid natural, non-pharmaceutical alternative to contrast insulin-resistance as well as associated metabolic syndrome in women with Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOS). Several studies also have shown positive effects of resveratrol in reducing glucose and lipid concentrations in patients. Recently, clinical evidence has proven that an D-chiro-inositol/resveratrol combination has a potential role to play in maintaining metabolic and endocrine health, however no large clinical trials have demonstrated the medical effectiveness of the combination, and the combined mode of action remains poorly discussed. Herein, we address the hypothesis of a synergistic mechanism adopted by D-chiro-inositol and resveratrol in reducing insulin resistance and hyperlipidemia and thus showing a greater therapeutic potential compared to treatment with inositol’s alone.


The growing demand for electricity produced from renewable sources and the development of new technologies for the combustion of biomass, arose a growing interest on the possible coupling of thermoelectric modules with stove-fireplaces.

The current thermoelectric generators have a solid structure, do not produce noise, do not require maintenance and can be used for the recovery of waste heat or excess, at the same time they hold a very low conversion efficiency and they need an adequate cooling system. Nevertheless, they still hold a cost, which is still too high to make them attractive. Nonetheless, if the modules are applied to a heat source which otherwise would be wasted, the attractiveness of the solution certainly rises.

In this study, a thermodynamic analysis of a stove-fireplace is presented, considering both combustion process and the flame – walls heat transfer of the. A design solution for a concentrator device to funnel the wasted heat from the fireplace to the thermo-electric modules is also presented.