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Anastasia A. Ştefîrţă, Vasile F. Botnari, Lilia M. Brânză, Ion I. Bulhac, Eduard B. Coropceanu, Paulina N. Bourosh and Alexei I. Chilinciuc


The effect of some selenium-containing compounds on the antioxidant properties of Allium sativum L. plants is shown in the present work. Pre-treatment of bulbs before planting and foliar treatment during plant growth with gibberellin solution (125 mg · L−1); potassium selenate (36 μg Se·L−1) and a new cobalt(III) coordinative compound (33 μg Se·L−1) resulted in the increase of the concentration of proline and assimilating pigments, reduced peroxide oxidation of lipids, enhanced antioxidant cell protection. The greatest effect was observed in plants pre-treated with the new coordinative compound, “Fludisec”, manifested by an increase of antioxidant properties of leaves and bulbs, optimization of growth process and productivity. X-ray analysis of monocrystal demonstrated that Fludisec is a coordination compound of ionic type tetrafluoroborate-[bis(dimethylglyoximato)-(selenocarbamide)1.4-(selenium-seleno-carbamide)0.5-(selenium-selenium)0.1cobalt(III)] with chemical formula [Co(DmgH)2(Seu)1,4(Se-Seu)0.5(Se-Se)0.1][BF4].