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This paper presents an analytical method to determine the rise-set times of satellite-satellite visibility periods in different orbits. The Visibility function in terms of the orbital elements of the two satellites versus the time were derived explicitly up to e 4. The line-of-sight corrected for Earth Oblateness up to J 2, were considered as a perturbation to the orbital elements. The visibility intervals of the satellites were calculated for some numerical examples in order to test the results of the analytical work.


In a previous (herein referred to as Ammar, Amin and Hassan Paper [1]) the statement of the problem was formulated and the basic visibility function between two satellites in terms of the orbital elements and time were derived. In this paper the perturbing effect due to drag force on the visibility function were derived explicitly up to O(e 4), by using Taylor’s expansion for the visibility function about certain epoch. We determine the rise and set times of the satellites through the sign of the visibility function. Numerical examples were worked out for some satellites in order to check the validity of the work.