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This research aims to evaluate the properties of cotton single jersey knitted fabrics (SJKF) produced from cotton/spandex yarns at different Lycra states. So, four different SJKF were produced, namely 100% cotton, cotton with additional Lycra (full-platted), core, and dual-core-spun (DCS) yarns with the same loop length. The thermal comfort properties, fabric recovery, total hand value (THV), moisture management parameters, and air permeability were measured. The experimental results showed that the use of DCS yarns in the SJKF improves the fabric elastic recovery by 100%. The obtained values of air permeability, THV, and overall moisture management capacity of stretched SJKF are lower than 100% cotton fabric sample. Thermal absorptivity of core and dual-core samples increased by 27% and the water vapor permeability decreased by 18% compared to 100% cotton fabric sample.


Compression bandage (CB) as a porous material should provide both graduated pressure and thermal comfort properties to enable air permeability, heat transfer, and liquid perspiration out of the human body. The main factors affecting thermal comfort properties are the temperature difference between environment and skin, yarns’ structure and material, fabric thickness, porosity, areal density, number of fabric layers, trapped air, and fabric structure. Thermal resistance (Rct) and water vapor resistance (Ret) are evaluated for four types of woven CBs. All bandage types were applied at the range of extension (10–80%) using both two- and three-layer bandaging on thermal foot model (TFM). Rct values are compared with measured results by the Alambeta instrument, whereas Ret test is performed on the Permetest device. Thermal resistance is significantly decreased when increasing the bandage extension from 10 to 40%, then it is slightly increased by increasing the extension from 40 to 60%, after that it is decreased especially at 80% extension due to lower bandage thickness and higher compression.