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Parallel Phrase Scoring for Extra-large Corpora

Parallel Phrase Scoring for Extra-large Corpora

This paper presents a C++ implementation of the phrase scoring step in phrase-based systems that helps to exploit the available computing resources more efficiently and trains very large systems in reasonable time without sacrificing the system's performance in terms of Bleu score.

Three parallelizing tools are made freely available. The first exploits shared memory parallelism and multiple disks for parallel IOs while the two others run in a distributed environment.

We demonstrate the efficiency and consistency of our tools, in the framework of the Fr-En systems we developed for the WMT and IWSLT evaluation campaigns, in which we were able to generate the phrase table in one third up to one seventh of the time taken by Moses in the same tasks.

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Open Source Toolkit for Speech to Text Translation


In this paper we introduce an open source toolkit for speech translation. While there already exists a wide variety of open source tools for the essential tasks of a speech translation system, our goal is to provide an easy to use recipe for the complete pipeline of translating speech. We provide a Docker container with a ready to use pipeline of the following components: a neural speech recognition system, a sentence segmentation system and an attention-based translation system. We provide recipes for training and evaluating models for the task of translating English lectures and TED talks to German. Additionally, we provide pre-trained models for this task. With this toolkit we hope to facilitate the development of speech translation systems and to encourage researchers to improve the overall performance of speech translation systems.

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