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Pavol Múdry, Andrea Hricová, Gabriela Libiaková and Alena Gajdošová

Methodological Approaches to Simple Enzyme Polymorphism Analyses of Amaranth Species (Amaranthus SP.)

Amaranths have drawn a great interest in last years as an agronomic crop, alternative energy source and ornamental plants around the world. Several of them are cultivated as the leaf vegetables, cereals, or as the colourful, quick growing garden plants. Increasing demand for the breeding and proteomic study in Amaranthus species led us to test some methodological approaches to enzyme polymorphism analysis. For these experiments genotypes of Amaranthus cruentus L. (genotype Ficha) and mutant line of hybrid K-433 were selected, characterized by a good seed quality and quantity, suitable for food production. The attention was devoted to test of published methodology, which were slightly modified for enzyme (ACP, ADH, CAT, DIA, GOT, IDH, MDH, PGD, PGI and PGM) multiplicity analysis for amaranths and testing of feasibility of chosen analysed organ weights, dimensions of Whatman No. 2 wicks and different volumes of extract buffer. Results from enzyme multiplicity analysis are presented by means of photographed fingerprints and phenotypes are expressed in diagrams where positions of zymograme bands are marked by using factors of relative mobility (Rm).

Open access

Mária Ostrolucká, Alena Gajdošová, Emília Ondrušková, Miroslava Latečková and Gabriela Libiaková

Effect of Medium pH on Axillary Shoot Proliferation of Selected Vaccinium vitis-idaea L. Cultivars

The influence of initial medium pH on long-term axillary shoot proliferation was tested in Anderson's media supplemented with 0.5 mg.l-1 zeatin with initial pH adjusted to 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0 before autoclaving, with the aim of increasing shoot proliferation in Vaccinium vitis-idaea L. cv. Koralle and Red Pearl. Shoot proliferation using in-vitro-derived single-node segments was markedly influenced by the cultivar and medium pH. Shoot proliferation was significantly higher in cv. Koralle (6.92 shoots/explant) than in cv. Red Pearl (5.61 shoots/explant) at different culture medium pH. The study confirmed the importance of properly adjusted initial culture medium pH for effective shoot proliferation. For cv. Koralle, medium pH 5.5 was the most favorable for shoot proliferation. For cv. Red Pearl, the number of shoots formed was highest at pH 4.