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Access to data is a nefralgic information security zone. On the one hand, we do everything to protect them against disclosure, and on the other hand, we need a new employee to provide data and information to be able to do their job.

Managing access to data in the enterprise significantly affects the level of security in all areas of activity. The article presents the results of research in the field of security of policy objectives in a selected production company. The purpose of preliminary research is to analyze selected issues in the field of data access, control methods and employee responsibility.

The article discusses the results of research on the access to information by employees. Lack of access to the data paralyzes their work, but their excess causes information chaos and makes it difficult to make a decision. The research results clearly indicate that access to data is treated as a priority, forgetting about access to computer software, mobile devices, which can also be the security of the company.


This article presents the structure and analysis of information security incidents in a production company in 2015-2017. The purpose of the analysis is to identify incidental events and their frequencies. The analysis includes the occurrence of notifications, threatening events, employee errors and false alarms. The conducted research includes also the procedure for handling the incident in the enterprise. The enterprises very often avoid informing their contractors about the occurrence of incidents. Thanks to the analysis of incidents and a clearly defined action plan, the examined enterprise tested the incidents and actions taken with them as a method of creating the added value of the enterprise during the period under consideration. The conducted research has shown that contractors who are aware of preventive actions taken, as well as those affecting information security even after the occurrence of an incident, are more willing to provide trust and even support to the surveyed enterprise. The conducted analysis is a pilot study carried out in one large enterprise in the metallurgical industry. The aim of the conducted research is to show that the incident or negative event may have a positive impact on the company's image. The research was carried out with the use of a questionnaire and in-depth interview with representatives of enterprises that are co-operators of the examined company.