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  • Author: Ahmet Engin Tüzün x
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The Effect of High-Level Dietary Supplementation with Different Zinc Sources on Performance, Eggshell Quality and Bone Characteristics in Layer Quails


The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of dietary supplementation with high levels of inorganic, organic or nano sources of two high-level zinc diets (200 and 300 mg/kg) on performance, eggshell quality and mineral content of bone in layer quails. The experiment had a 2×3 factorial arrangement of treatments. Egg production and the zinc content of tibia were significantly increased in the present experiment. Compared with zinc oxide supplementation, zinc-glycine supplementation increased zinc concentration in the tibia. The interactions between the sources and levels of zinc were a significant effect on egg production, eggshell breaking strength, eggshell weight and tibia zinc level. The highest eggshell breaking strength and eggshell weight were observed in the group was fed with diet including zinc-glycine at 300 mg/kg. These results suggested that zinc-glycine supplementation positively effects eggshell quality parameters and tibia zinc concentration when compared with other sources used in this experiment. Additionally, the supplementation layer quail diets with zinc-glycine rather than nanoparticulate sources of zinc could be recommended for optimum performance.

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