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Laila Mesrar, Ahmed Banamar, Mariam Akdim and Raouf Jabrane


Given the increasing exploitation of clay in Morocco for ceramic industry and for the purpose of the benefit reuse of this resource, a study is conducted in order to carry out the identification and characterization of Miocene clay after doping with pozzolan. The objective of this work is to improve the physicalchemical characteristics of Miocene clay of Fez region, by doping it pozzolan at different contents: 5, 10, 15 and 20%. Physical and chemical characterization of this clay was carried out before and after doping with pozzolan following various analytical technics, such as the X- ray fluorescence and geotechnical investigation. The result of geochemical analysis showed a higher rate of aluminum oxide (Al2O3), iron oxide (Fe2O3) and titanium oxide (TiO2). Further characterization of Atterberg limits have shown that the plasticity of doped materials increases. Similarly the mechanical behaviour of marls doped with pozzolan have significantly improved, providing a mechanical strength of obtained materials up to 670N when firing at 1000 °C, compared to the raw marls.