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Andre Prayogo, Sukir Maryanto and Ahmad Nadhir


One of the areas that have geothermal potential in Indonesia is Tiris because there are found some manifestation in the form of hot springs. Several studies are needed to determine its geothermal potential before exploitation is carried out. Some previous studies have been carried out in the area, one of which uses Landsat 7 remote sensing data. There are other studies that state that knowledge of geology is needed to implement remote sensing in determining geothermal areas. This study uses 3-years data from Landsat 8 and geological information from the regional geological map of the study area. The result show changes in the value of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and Land Surface Temperature (LST) from year to year, where each year the NDVI value decrease which is interpreted as reduced vegetation in the study area. From the distribution of LST values in the study area, it was found that there were hot spots that had higher temperatures than the surrounding area. When geological information and LST distribution map overlaid with regional geological maps, it is known that the hot spots inside the research area are possible to be a geothermal reservoir.