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  • Author: Agnieszka Kowalewska x
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Phylogenetic placement and new data on the morphology and ecology of Calathella eruciformis (Agaricales, Basidiomycota), a cyphelloid fungus new to Poland


Calathella eruciformis, a species hitherto unknown in Poland, is reported from four localities in the north-eastern part of the country. This wood-inhabiting saprotroph was found on dead decorticated but still attached twigs and branches of living Populus tremula in an oak-hornbeam forest (Carpinion betuli). Macro- and microcharacters of the recently collected material are presented in detail, together with selected illustrations. Examination of ITS rDNA sequences indicated that Calathella is not monophyletic and that the type species of the genus C. eruciformis is alien to the heterogeneous genus Flagelloscypha. Furthermore, molecular evidence is provided for a close relationship between C. eruciformis and the type species of the genus Sphaerobasidioscypha, Sphaerobasidioscypha citrispora.

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