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Irén Csiszér, Simona Mocanu, Vlad Budu and Adriana Neagos


BACKGROUND. Even if it is a rare variant growth pattern of squamous cell carcinoma, sarcomatoid carcinoma seems to have almost the same clinical manifestations and risk factors as conventional squamous cell carcinoma.

CASE REPORT. This paper presents a complex case of a 59-year-old female patient known with laryngeal papillomatosis, who presented in our Department for moderate to severe inspiratory dyspnea associated with dysphonia and difficulty in swallowing. We mention that the patient had been previously evaluated by a pneumologist for apnea, snoring and daytime sleepiness and diagnosed and treated for sleep apnea syndrome. Clinical, laboratory, imaging and pathologic examinations revealed the association of upper airway obstruction with laryngeal cancer. Surgical intervention consisted in total laryngectomy and selective neck dissection associated with permanent tracheotomy. The microscopic appearance was that of a bilateral transglottic sarcomatoid squamous cell carcinoma without metastasis in the right lymph node.

CONCLUSION. It is important to evaluate the clinical and imagistic status of patients with laryngeal tumors in order to make a correct decision concerning their treatment policy. We emphasize that cooperation between multiple departments is absolutely necessary in order to adequately resolve, explore, diagnose and treat patients with laryngeal pathology.

Open access

Maria-Viorica Ciocilteu, Andreea Gabriela Mocanu, Adriana Mocanu, Catalin Ducu, Oana Elena Nicolaescu, Valentin Costel Manda, Adina Turcu-Stiolica, Claudiu Nicolicescu, Razvan Melinte, Maria Balasoiu, Octavian Croitoru and Johny Neamtu


The main objective of this study was to synthesize hydroxyapatite-ciprofloxacin composites using a chemical precipitation method and to evaluate the properties and in vitro release profile of the drug from the hydroxyapatite-ciprofloxacin composites. Composite characterization was achieved by FT-IR, XRD and DLS. Ciprofloxacin determination was accomplished by HPLC, resulting in good incorporation efficiency of the drug (18.13 %). The in vitro release study (Higuchi model C = K t 1/2 and Ritger-Peppas model, C = K t 0.6) showed a diffusion-controlled mechanism. The antibacterial activity showed that the bacterial growth inhibition zones were approximately equal for the synthesis composites and for the mechanical mixture on the Staphylococcus aureus germ.

The use of hydroxyapatite, which is a biocompatible, bioactive and osteoconductive material, with ciprofloxacin, which has good antibacterial activity in this composite, makes it suitable for the development of bone grafts. Furthermore, the synthesis process allows a slow local release of the drug.