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Sebastian Surugiu, Adina Chis, Codruta Mare, Horea Matei and Florin Stamatian


Objective: the pourpose of the study was to determine if there are any differences between placenta derived plasmatic levels of messenger RNA in normal and future preeclamptic pregnancies and if these placental transcripts can predict preeclampsia long before clinical onset

Study design: we compared plasmatic expression of two placental transcripts from 12 women who ultimately developed preeclampsia with 224 controlled subjects, at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy. After multiplse-of-the-median conversion of markers we developed a multivariate model using logistic regression to determine preeclampsia risk.

Results: we found lower multiples of the median values for both placental transcripts (mRNA corresponding to placental growth factor and pregnancy associated plasmatic protein A) in cases who ultimately developed preeclampsia and the multivariate model we obtained offered a preeclampsia detection rate of 75% at 10% false positive rate.

Conclusion: specific early changes of placenta-derived messenger RNA could be used as preeclampsia predictors.