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Abdullah A. Ansari


The present paper investigates the motion of the variable infinitesimal body in circular restricted four variable bodies problem. We have constructed the equations of motion of the infinitesimal variable mass under the effect of source of radiation pressure due to which albedo effects are produced by another two primaries and one primary is considered as an oblate body which is placed at the triangular equilibrium point of the classical restricted three-body problem and also the variation of Jacobi Integral constant has been determined. We have studied numerically the equilibrium points, Poincaré surface of sections and basins of attraction in five cases (i. Third primary is placed at one of the triangular equilibrium points of the classical restricted three-body problem, ii. Variation of masses, iii. Solar radiation pressure, iv. Albedo effect, v. Oblateness effect.) by using Mathematica software. Finally, we have examined the stability of the equilibrium points and found that all the equilibrium points are unstable.