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Abdul Qudair Baig, Muhammad Naeem and Wei Gao


Let G be a connected graph with vertex set V(G) and edge set E(G). Recently, the Revan vertex degree concept is defined in Chemical Graph Theory. The first and second Revan indices of G are defined as R 1(G) = uvE[rG(u) + rG(v)] and R 2(G) = uvE[rG(u)rG(v)], where uv means that the vertex u and edge v are adjacent in G. The first and second hyper-Revan indices of G are defined as HR 1(G) = uvE[rG(u) + rG(v)]2 and HR 2(G) = uvE[rG(u)rG(v)]2. In this paper, we compute the first and second kind of Revan and hyper-Revan indices for the octahedral and icosahedral networks.