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Among different segmentation approaches Fuzzy c-Means clustering (FCM) is a welldeveloped algorithm for medical image segmentation. In emergency medical applications quick convergence of FCM is necessary. On the other hand spatial information is seldom exploited in standard FCM; therefore nuisance factors can simply affect it and cause misclassification. This paper aims to introduce a Fast FCM (FFCM) technique by incorporation of spatial neighborhood information which is exploited by a linear function on fuzzy membership. Applying proposed spatial Fast FCM (sFFCM), elapsed time is decreased and neighborhood spatial information is exploited in FFCM. Moreover, iteration numbers by proposed FFCM/sFFCM techniques are decreased efficiently. The FCM/FFCM techniques are examined on both simulated and real MR images. Furthermore, to considerably decrease of convergence time and iterations number, cluster centroids are initialized by an algorithm. Accuracy of the new approach is same as standard FCM. The quantitative assessments of presented FCM/FFCM techniques are evaluated by conventional validity functions. Experimental results demonstrate that sFFCM techniques efficiently handle noise interference and significantly decrease elapsed time.


Ant colony optimization (stocktickerACO) is a meta-heuristic algorithm inspired by food searching behavior of real ants. Recently stocktickerACO has been widely used in digital image processing. When artificial ants move in a discrete habitat like an image, they deposit pheromone in their prior position. Simultaneously, vaporizing of pheromone in each iteration step avoids from falling in the local minima trap. Iris recognition because of its great dependability and non-invasion has various applications. simulation results demonstrate stocktickerACO algorithm can effectively extract the iris texture. Also it is not sensitive to nuisance factors. Moreover, stocktickerACO in this research preserves details of the various synthetic and real images. Performance of ACO in iris segmentation is compared with operation of traditional approaches such as canny, robert, and sobel edge detections. Experimental results reveal high quality and quite promising of stocktickerACO to segment images with irregular and complex structures.