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L. Trinkler, A. Trukhin and Mitch M.C. Chou


We have studied luminescence of LiGaO2, Al2O3-Ga and Al2O3-Li crystals in order to reveal the nature of luminescence centres and mechanisms in these crystals. In Al2O3-Ga presence of Ga impurities determines occurrence of the 280 nm emission band, which demonstrates intra-centre character in photoluminescence and recombination character under X-ray irradiation. In Al2O3-Li crystal lithium induced luminescence is presented with the 326 nm band, which has a recombination character. Basing on spectral similarity of the main luminescence bands in pure LiGaO2 crystal with the dopant-induced emission bands in Al2O3, and on peculiarities of the X-ray induced thermoluminescence, the adjustment of the previous luminescence interpretation is done. It is proposed that the donor-acceptor pairs with random separation distribution responsible for the 280 nm emission are represented with gallium Ga (plus an electron) and O (plus a hole) pairs, while the donor-acceptor pairs, producing the 330 nm emission band contain a lithium ion, presumably in the interstitial position Lii 0, and a neighbouring oxygen ion with a caught hole.