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A. R. Omar and A. I. Dakrory


The montpellier snake, Malpolon monspessulana, used in the current work in order to study the nervi terminalis and vomeronasalis. The vomeronasal organ or Jacobson’s organ is a part of the olfactory apparatus. This organ is innervated by the terminal and vomeronasal nerves. These nerves emerge from the sensory epithelium of Jacobson’s organ simultaneously. The bundles of the terminal and vomeronasal nerves traverse together the cavity of the nasal capsule in their way to the brain. These nerves bear scattered ganglionic cells which represent the ganglion terminale. They leave the capsule through the foramen olfactorium advehens. The terminal and vomeronasal nerves are connected with the olfactory nerve and enter the olfactory formation of the forebrain.