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An Analysis of the Decisive Criteria in Formwork Selection Problem


The present paper concerns a problem of decisive criteria and their order in formwork selection problem. As the factors affecting the choice of exact form work system have been often discussed in literature, their importance has not been distinctly formulated yet, what hampers aiding formwork selection with MCDA methods that require criteria weights (eg.: SAW, TOPSIS etc.). Therefore, author ran a survey - the decisive criteria were recognized and verified within polls send to various contractors. An analysis of survey results including criteria ordering is a subject of the present elaboration.

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Modelling Labour Productivity Rates for Reinforcement Works


Construction planning always requires labour productivity estimation. Often, in the case of monolithic construction works, the available catalogues of productivity rates do not provide a reliable assessment. The paper deals with the problem of labour estimation for reinforcement works. An appropriate model of labour prediction problem is being introduced. It includes, between others, staff experience and reinforcement buildability. In the paper it is proposed, that labour requirements can be estimated with aggregated classifiers. The work is a continuation of earlier studies, in which the possibility of using classifier ensembles to predict productivity in monolithic works was investigated.

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