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First Records of Erigorgus Species (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Anomaloninae) from Ukraine. Nuzhna A. D. - Five species of the genus Erigorgus Förster: E. romani (Hellén), E. borealis (Hellén), E. femorator Aubert, E. villosus (Gravenhorst), E. lacertosus Atanasov are recorded from Ukraine for the first time. Previously unknown male of E. lacertosus Atanasov is described. E. villosus (Gravenhorst) is redescribed basing on additional characters not mentioned in original description.

A key to the 12 species of the genus Agrypon Forster recorded from Ukraine is given. Some additional invariable characters such as morphometric index CI of the forewing, the presence of the small concavity on the anterior margin of mesoscutum and the metasternal tooth on propodeum are used in the key