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B. Hadała, A. Cebo-Rudnicka, Z. Malinowski and A. Gołdasz

The Influence of Thermal Stresses and Strand Bending on Surface Defects Formation in Continuously Cast Strands

Improvement of slab surface quality is a very important goal in continues casting process of steel. It is closely coupled with casting line productivity and tendency to increase casting speed. In such a case rapid cooling of strand surface mast be employed. It results in thermal stresses development and formation of surface cracks if casting speed, cooling conditions or the arc of casting machine are not appropriate. The strain and stress fields in continuously cast strand have been determined based on the developed thermo-mechanical model and finite element software. It allowed to calculate variation of selected criterions integrals over the hole casting line starting from solidification process in the mould and ending at cutting section. Steady solution to heat transfer equation has been used to calculate strand temperature field. Mould temperature has been calculated from the three dimensional transient model. Finite element method has been employed to build steady and transient heat transfer models. Finite element solution accuracy to the temperature field has been improved. New algorithm of the solidification heat handling has been developed to stabilize a steady solution to the heat transport equation. Damageability of the strand has been evaluated based on four fracture criterions.

Open access

A. Cebo-Rudnicka, Z. Malinowski and T. Telejko


In the paper the results of evaluation of the temperature and stress fields during four cycles of the heat treatment process of the windmill shaft has been presented. The temperature field has been calculated from the solution to the heat conduction equation over the whole heat treatment cycles of the windmill shaft. To calculate the stress field an incremental method has been used. The relations between stresses and strains have been described by Prandtl-Reuss equation for the elastic-plastic body. In order to determine the changes in the temperature and stress fields during heat treatment of the windmill shaft self-developed software utilizing the Finite Element Method has been used. This software can also be used to calculate temperature changes and stress field in ingots and other axially symmetric products. In the mathematical model of heating and cooling of the shaft maximum values of the strains have been determined, which allowed to avoid the crack formation. The critical values of strains have been determined by using modified Rice and Tracy criterion.