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Anna Jarocińska, Małgorzata Białczak and Łukasz Sławik


Monitoring of trees in urban areas can be conducted using remote sensing, but should be supported by field measurements. The article aims to present the research method used to evaluate discolouration and defoliation of trees and tree damage in the city of Białystok in Poland. The analyses were done using AISA hyperspectral images. Field measurements encompassed determining the locations, species and levels of discolouration and defoliation of trees. Remote sensing indices of vegetation were calculated and correlated with the field-measured values of discolouration and defoliation. Based on that, values of discolouration and defoliation were calculated and evaluated against the field studies. The RMSE of the acquired data was around 16%. Using parameter values, a map of tree damage was drawn up. Based on the analysis, it can be stated that a significant number of trees is undamaged, although a large portion of the trees falls into the warning class.