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  • Author: Wojciech Macek x
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The delocalization of production to Poland


This paper presents some aspects of the process of services, products and manufacturing transfer, with the associated production resources, from other locations and plants to Poland.

The study was carried out on the basis of an analysis of publications about delocalization as well as by means of desk research, where there were used the accessible primary and secondary data such as branch reports, statistical data available in reports, data bases, and information accessible on Polish and European websites. The article is also the result of the author's experience of participation in the relocation of a number of international companies, regarding various industries. Delocalization in Poland was presented both from the point of view of Conceptualizing delocalization (literature review, theoretical position) and Implementation of production.

The delocalization mainly takes advantage of labor forces. On the other hand, it may also concern innovative activities and develop high-tech for regions affected by economic restructuring. The social policies for the risk mitigation of the delocalization of production are also being developed and implemented. This work clarifying the conditions of delocalization in Poland and highlight the important roles played by innovation and institutions for achieving sustainability.

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