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M. Bittera and V. Smiesko

Influence of interface cables termination impedance on radiated emission measurement

Interface cables and especially their arrangement and terminations significantly affect the results of the radiated emission measurement of tested equipment. Two types of shortened two-wire interface cables were surveyed to obtain the influence of cable's termination. Two analyses, based on theoretical knowledge, were performed - the analysis using numerical simulation and the measurement of input impedance of the cable using network analyzer. The methods of analysis were verified and compared with real radiated emission measurements. Finally, the influence of cable termination was obtained and discussed.

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R. Harťanský, V. Smieško and L. Maršálka


The article deals with classification and quantification of electromagnetic field measurement errors in case an isotropic sensor as a field probe is used. The focus is mainly on the error of measurement method, resulting from mutual interaction of the field probe sensors associated with the origin of the so-called mutual impedance.

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J. Hallon, M. Bittera, V. Smieško and K. Kováč

Cabling Arrangement Influence on Repeatability of Immunity EMC Measurements

The paper deals with the analysis of induced current of differential loops of transmission lines during immunity test against electromagnetic field measurement. The influence of geometrical configuration of cabling arrangement on induced current values is surveyed. The problem is described for the case of a short two-wire line creating differential mode loop. The current induced at both ends of the line is the characteristics observed in the performed studies. The comparison between the results of measurements on real physical line, numerical simulations and analytical solution is presented.

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R. Hartansky, V. Smiesko, M. Bittera, L. Marsalka, O. Cicakova and L. Letanovska


The article deals with analytical calculation and numerical simulation of interactive influence of electromagnetic sensors. Sensors are components of field probe, whereby their interactive influence causes the measuring error. Electromagnetic field probe contains three mutually perpendicular spaced sensors in order to measure the vector of electrical field. Error of sensors is enumerated with dependence on interactive position of sensors. Based on that, proposed were recommendations for electromagnetic field probe construction to minimize the sensor interaction and measuring error.