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Fatima Pawełczyk, Leszek Chróst, Tadeusz Magiera, Adam Michczyński, Jarosław Sikorski, Konrad Tudyka and Ewelina Zając


A one-meter long peat core was taken from the peatland in Wolbrom (Silesian-Cracovian Upland, southern Poland). The analysis of the botanical composition showed that Wolbrom is a fen. Vegetation species such as Carex rostrata and Phragmites australis have been found. An age-depth model was constructed using 12 conventional radiocarbon dates and 13 lead-210 dates from the upper part of the deposit. In this work, the results of radiocarbon dating are presented. According to the model, we can estimate the age of the fen. The oldest part comes from a depth of 1.05 meter and its conventional age is 5940 ± 95 BP (modelled date 5000–4790 BC, 68.2% probability interval). The accumulation rate varies between approximately 0.53 mm·yr-1 and 6.48 mm·yr− 1.

The core has been also tested for the presence of trace elements (Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb, Zn) using ICP-OES. There are considerable variations in the concentrations of the tested metals – in many cases the concentration starts to rise at about 40 cm and may be connected with the human activity. This depth corresponds to the modelled age intervals 355–300 BC (17.4%) and 205–45 BC (50.7%).