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Emil Raschman, Roman Záluský and Daniela Ďuračková

New Digital Architecture of CNN for Pattern Recognition

The paper deals with the design of a new digital CNN (Cellular Neural Network) architecture for pattern recognition. The main parameters of the new design were the area consumption of the chip and the speed of calculation in one iteration. The CNN was designed as a digital synchronous circuit. The largest area of the chip belongs to the multiplication unit. In the new architecture we replaced the parallel multiplication unit by a simple AND gate performing serial multiplication. The natural property of this method of multiplication is rounding. We verified some basic properties of the proposed CNN such as edge detection, filling of the edges and noise removing. At the end we compared the designed network with other two CNNs. The new architecture allows to save till 86% gates in comparison with CNN with parallel multipliers.

Open access

Sedlak Vladimír, Durackova Daniela, Zalusky Roman and Kovacik Tomas


In this paper the intelligibility of ideal binary-masked noisy signal is evaluated for different signal to noise ratio (SNR), mask error, masker types, distance between source and receiver, reverberation time and local criteria for forming the binary mask. The ideal binary mask is computed from time-frequency decompositions of target and masker signals by thresholding the local SNR within time-frequency units. The intelligibility of separated signal is measured using different objective measures computed in frequency and perceptual domain. The present study replicates and extends the findings which were already presented but mainly shows impact of room acoustic on the intelligibility performance of IBM technique.