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The Assessment Of The Risk Of Allergenicity Of ‘Sabina’ And ‘Debreceni Bötermö’ Sour Cherry Cvs (Prunus Cerasus L.) In A Guinea Pig Model


The allergic reactions to fruits are lesser known among food sensitivities. The most common fruits belonging to the Rosaceae family that might cause allergic reactions are apples, pears and peaches. However, little is known about the potential allergic reactions caused by another member of the Rosaceae, the cherry. The aim of this study was to assess the risk of any allergic reaction or food hypersensitivity resulting from topical application and chronic oral administration of cherry fruits. The cherry fruits ‘Sabina’ cv. were produced in the orchard in Dąbrowice according to the principles of integrated (IFP) and organic (OR) productions. Fruits of ‘Debreceni Bötermö’ cv. were produced in Dąbrowice (IFP), and in the orchard in Nowy Dwór (OR). The experiments were performed on 65 outbred young, adult, white albinotic guinea pigs (Dankin Hartley). Three procedures were applied: I. Guinea-Pig Maximization Test (GPMT); II. Chronic administration of fruits and III. Skin prick (Dreborg) test. The skin reactions based on GPMT or Dreborg tests revealed no differences between the two cherry cultivars ‘Sabina’ and ‘Debreceni’ obtained from integrated or organic production. Similarly, it was not observed of any effect of cultivars of cherries nor the type of fruits production on the guinea pig skin reaction as a result of chronic feeding with fruits.

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