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The Science Timewave Zero


Purpose of this article is to discuss concrete illusions, delusions and solutions within the use of scientific metaphor as an image or symbol with epistemic and educational value. In three analyzes there will be demonstrated, how by operating with the word “science” there is actually created a “world of science” and related operating system or media reality which include also revolutionary or evolutionary thoughts opposing with previous symbolic system. Therefore the scientific metaphor can be also discussed within media research, media education and epistemic approach to reception of media reality as an educational tool. There is proposed that related media education, for example experience-based, includes system and epistemic or reviewing reception skills within the humane understanding ability and ability to create media realities or systems. The unifying methodological approach will be that from media anthropology; a concept of re-analyzing the relationship between man and media, where media are tools for improving humane abilities.. The scientific aim of this article is to support concepts and theories dealing with media according to this Marshall McLuhan´s understanding and thereby support media anthropological approach. Also the aim is to support within organic reception the method of epistemological anarchism, because the anything goes principle is an epistemological translation tool for development of reviewing and reception skills by copying the communication strategy of media system. Also findings of three analyzes provided here support the claim, that evolution of symbols and other media utilizes the anything goes principle. Among conclusions there are other author´s findings discussed, which highlight the research of virtual and multisensory environment and its use in treatment of learning or media reception defects

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