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Alina Kolańczyk, Marta Reszko and Paweł Mordasiewicz


Retrieval Induced Forgetting (RIF) refers to the finding that the retrieval of some items from memory (RP+) impairs the retrieval of related items (RP-). The RIF effect is indicated by a comparison of RP- with unrelated but also tobe- remembered items (NRP). Since RIF appears during intentional memorizing of words, therefore we checked whether it depends on attentional control (AC) involved in goal maintenance, and also if implicit evaluations of to-be-remembered (RP) contents moderate this process (causing e.g. inhibition). In three experiments, each including AC as the independent variable, we found AC to be related to the RIF effect. Only high but not low AC subjects showed the presence of RIF. The results of the affective priming procedure showed that implicit evaluations of NRP items moderate the relationship of high AC and the RIF effect. The explanation why temporarily devaluated NRP could enhance the RIF effect and suggestion concerning future research summarize the article.