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Marek Kurzyński, Przemysław Ryba, Marcin Markowski and Michał Woźniak

Medical Telemetry System for Monitoring and Localization of Patients - Functional Model and Algorithms for Biosignals Processing

The article presents the concept of hospital telemetric system. The goal of the project is a model of early warning systems for patients outside intensive care wards. Proposed system is based on constant telemetric monitoring using objective physiological parameters. Using low-distance sensor network which covers body of a patient, so-called BAN (Body Area Network) is the main innovation of the project. Some preliminary results of ECG analysis and interpretation modules and units of proposed system will be presented.

Open access

Marek Dobosz, Mariusz Kożuchowski, Marek Ściuba, Olga Iwasińska-Kowalska and Adam Woźniak


Many precision devices, especially measuring devices, must maintain their technical parameters in variable ambient conditions, particularly at varying temperatures. Examples of such devices may be super precise balances that must keep stability and accuracy of the readings in varying ambient temperatures. Due to that fact, there is a problem of measuring the impact of temperature changes, mainly on geometrical dimensions of fundamental constructional elements of these devices. In the paper a new system for measuring micro-displacements of chosen points of a constructional element of balance with a resolution of single nanometres and accuracy at a level of fractions of micrometres has been proposed.