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I. Dobosz, E. Rudnik and L. Burzyńska

Codeposition of SiC Particles with Electrolytic Nickel

Ni/SiC composite coatings were produced by electrodeposition from chloride-sulphate bath. The effect of SiC concentration on the percentage of embedded particles at two current densities (0.75 and 1.50 A·dm-2) was determined. SiC content in the nickel matrix was in the range of 13-23 vol%, but lower values were found for higher current density. Increased particles contents in the coatings practically did not change microhardness of deposits (approximately 300 HV), but it increased corrosion resistance. Morphology and particle distribution in the deposits was studied with optical and transmission electron microscopes. Specific surface charge of SiC particles as well as adsorption of Ni2+ions on the powder particles were also determined.

Open access

A. Ciuman-Krzemień, W. Gumowska and L. Burzyńska

The Influence of the Parameters of Electrolysis Carried Out with Periodic Reversal Current (PRC) on the Morphology of Silver Obtained Via Silver Chloride Cathodic Reduction

The aim of this study was to determine the possibility to obtain compact silver deposit during cathodic reduction of AgCl with the use of periodic reversal current (PRC).

The influence of the electrolysis parameters (current intensity I = 0.4-1.6 A, the ratio of working to reversal periods tw/trv = 100/10; 100/20; 100/30) on the silver morphology (size and shape of Ag grains).

Under the applied electrolysis conditions powder deposits were obtained, but at I = 0.4 A and tw/trv = 100/10 a more compact deposit was produced. Cathode efficiencies of the processes were low and ranged from approx. 52% up to 85%.