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Horea Sandi and Ioan Sorin Borcia (†)


Two main shortcomings of common formulations, encountered in the literature concerning the linear problems of structural dynamics are revealed: the implicit, not discussed, postulation, of the use of Kelvin – Voigt constitutive laws (which is often infirmed by experience) and the calculation difficulties involved by the attempts to use other constitutive laws. In order to overcome these two categories of shortcomings, the use of the bilateral Laplace – Carson transformation is adopted. Instead of the dependence on time, t, of a certain function f (t), the dependence of its image f# (p) on the complex parameter p = χ + iω (ω: circular frequency) will occur. This leads to the formulation of associated non-classical eigenvalue problems. The basic relations satisfied by the eigenvalues λ r #(p) and the eigenvectors v r #(p) of dynamic systems are examined (among other, the property of orthogonality of eigenvectors is replaced by the property of pseudo-orthogonality). The case of points p = p’, where multiple eigenvalues occur and where, as a rule, chains of principal vectors are to be considered, is discussed. An illustrative case, concerning a non-classical eigenvalue problem, is presented. Plots of variation along the ω axis, for the real and imaginary components of eigenvalues and eigenvectors, are presented. A brief final discussion closes the paper.