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Entomopter Maneuverability Exchanged by Deformations Control of Flexible Flapping Wings

In the background of preparing this paper lies our believe that transferring ideas from the more matured disciple like aircraft technology to emerging animal technology should be beneficial for the later one and vice-versa. One integrated idea, of special interest to both disciplines, is the active flexible wing concept. In this paper we developed aeroelastic analysis for a flexible wing for an imposed harmonic flapping motion about the root chord of the wing. A Matlab code was written based on the analysis. This code was used to find the average lift and thrust of a wing of known aerodynamic and structural properties.


The article discusses the characteristics of measuring chains found in the gimbal inertial navigation systems of the IKW-8 type (used on Su-22 aircraft) are presented. The research paper also addresses the method for the identification of measurement chain properties of the gyroscopic KW-1 platform developed at AFIT, including sensors for the parameters of aircraft motion within an inertial space (linear accelerations and angular velocities) and signal processing systems (used to level and gyrocompass the platform). The methodology for the identification of measurement chain properties developed at AFIT found its application as a complementary technology in the process of assessing the technical condition of an IKW-8 inertial navigation system implemented in the conditions of a military unit operating Su-22 aircraft.