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Ewa Ekiert, Rafał Pelka, Krzysztof Lubkowski and Walerian Arabczyk

The possibility of implementation of spent iron catalyst for ammonia synthesis

An iron catalyst used in the ammonia synthesis is pyrophoric in its reactive, reduced form. Before further use the catalyst has to be passivated. Results of the research on the iron catalyst - its passivation, re-use as a catalyst in other processes and implementation as a substrate to obtain new nanocrystalline materials have been presented in the paper.

Open access

Walerian Arabczyk, Urszula Narkiewicz, Zofia Lendzion-Bieluń, Dariusz Moszyński, Iwona Pełech, Ewa Ekiert, Marcin Podsiadły, Rafał Pelka, Roman Jędrzejewski, Izabela Moszyńska and Daniel Sibera

Utilization of spent iron catalyst for ammonia synthesis

Several methods of the utilization of spent iron catalyst for ammonia synthesis have been presented. The formation of iron nitrides of different stoichiometry by direct nitriding in ammonia in the range of temperatures between 350°C and 450°C has been shown. The preparation methods of carbon nanotubes and nanofibers where iron catalyst catalyse the decomposition of hydrocarbons have been described. The formation of magnetite embedded in a carbon material by direct oxidation of carburized iron catalyst has been also presented.