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The self-similarity properties and multifractal analysis of DNA sequences


In this work is presented a pedagogical point of view of multifractal analysis deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) sequences is presented. The DNA sequences are formed by 4 nucleotides (adenine, cytosine, guanine, and tymine). Following Jeffrey’s paper we associated a simple contractive function to each nucleotide, and constructed the Hutchinson’s operator W, which was used to build covers of different sizes of the unitary square Q, thus Wk(Q) is a cover of Q, conformed by 4k squares Qk of size 2−k, as each Qk corresponds to a unique subsequence of nucleotides with length k : b 1 b 2 ...bk. Besides, it is obtained the optimal cover Ck to the fractal F generated for each DNA sequence was obtained. We made a multifractal decomposition of Ck in terms of the sets Jα conformed by the Qk’s with the same value of the Holder exponent α, and determined f (α), the Hausdorff dimension of Jα, using the curdling theorem.

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Boltzmann and the Statistical Multifractals


We extend the Boltzmann’s ideas that describe the evolution to the equilibrium of many body systems to the multifractal decomposition of the unitary interval 𝕀, in terms of sets Jα conformed by points with the same pointwise dimension, and obtain the D(α) singularity spectrum.

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