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Open access

D. Miedzińska, T. Niezgoda, E. Małek and D. Zasada


The problem of methane existence in coal beds has been known for many years. It was and still it is a danger to coalminers. The aim of the research, presented in the paper, is to show and assess the porosity structure (especially micro and nanoporosity) in accordance to the dimensions of carbon dioxide particle. The characteristic surface morphology of the sample and the disclosure of the carbon porous structure have been obtained using the scanning electron microscope (SEM). The presented study of the coal microstructure is a part of the coal demethanation method with the use of liquid CO2, that has been proposed by the Military University of Technology.

Open access

T. Niezgoda, D. Miedzińska, E. Małek, P. Kędzierski and G. Sławiński


The possibility of using CO2 to fracturing a shale rock has been presented in the paper. The described innovative method which allows for the efficient extraction of shale gas and carbon dioxide storage in a shale rock was developed in Department of Mechanics and Applied Computer Science at the Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland. Firstly, the method was verified on the base of analytical and experimental research. In the next stage of the method verification carbon dioxide thermodynamic behavior was studied. The growth in pressure of drop of CO2 heated in a closed volume was numerically tested. The research confirmed the efficiency of the use of carbon dioxide as a medium for fracturing of rocks. The usage of liquid CO2 can be alternative for hydraulic fracturing and is safe for the environment.