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EU Project of Life Programme “Algae Service for Life” Creates Tools for Ecological Service to Mitigate Cyanobacteria and Macroalgae Blooms in Freshwater Ecosystems


EU international project of LIFE programme “Algae Service for LIFE” seeks to promote best practices in ecological service and development of circular economy. The goal of the project is to demonstrate integrated efficient management of nutrients and nuisance algal blooms at the catchment scale by harvesting cyanobacteria scums and macroalgae mats in various types of water bodies (rivers, lakes and estuarine lagoon). Also, it seeks to raise awareness of the national and local authorities, business community and society on the environmental, water quality and health hazard issues. The paper provides the idea of applying ecological measures to control algal blooms. Thus, issues related to the causes and mechanisms of eutrophication in inland freshwaters as well as to consequences such as algal blooms are highlighted. The measures proposed in the project are briefly discussed in the light of European Union directives.

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