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Assan Gnoumou, Eugen Rusu, Adouabou Basile and Adjima Thiombiano


In Burkina Faso, vegetation dynamic has been more influenced by human activities. Actually, the interest is focus on protected areas, which are more green areas and the last habitat for biodiversity. Conservation and restoration require a thorough understanding of the dynamic of each protected area and its surrounding zones. This study aim to analyze Comoé-léraba protected area vegetation spatial and temporal changed. For this study, we use satellite images taking account a period of twenty years (1990-2000-2009). Then the diachronic analysis considers globally and separately the land cover situation inside the protected zone and outside in the surrounding zone. As results, the diachronic study of Comoé-Léraba vegetation revealed significant changes. Some plant communities have remained intact; others were restored inside the protected area and against others suffered a severe deterioration. The vegetation degradation occurs, around and close to the protected area. During the twenty years 14.28 % of the natural vegetation has been loss, versus expanding fields and settlements. Beyond the obtained maps, an important data based is available. These results are important scientific stools which can support policy, conservationists and researchers for improving strategies of conservation in Comoé-Léraba zone.