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Online banking services create a way to reduce costs, attracting new segments of population and growing the bank performance and improvement of services. Client’s satisfaction is the main benefits of the banks. The aim of the paper is to investigate and to analyze the factors that influence the adoption of internet banking system in Romania. One of the problems faced by consumers using Internet banking is confidentiality. This makes security in transactions to be essential. For this, the main objectives are: identifying critical factors that contribute to the acceptance of internet banking system and the link between them and also identifying the demographic factors that influence the adoption of this system in Romania. The data collection was done by a quantitative research using the questionnaire method as a survey tool and it was made up of questions measured using the Likert scale. It contains variables based on the construct’s relevance to Internet Banking. All assumptions about the relationship between dependent variables and independent variables are developed and tested using multiple reliability, validity, and regression. It was used a statistical software and with it were analised 6 independent variables, named social influence, perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, perceived risk, perceived confidence and intention to use Internet banking. The attitude toward using Internet banking system will be the dependent variable. To verify the acceptability model’s validity, it was used the Structural Equations Model. The results are partly supported by the developed hypotheses and are presented after the reliability test where Cronbach’s Alpha is calculated suggesting the internal reliability of the consistency for the scale. The significant effect that influences the attitude toward using Internet banking system is represented by the perceived usefulness, the perceived risk, the perceived confidence and the intention to use internet banking.


In a globalized economy, marketing performance is needed in order to be competitive and also for being successful on the market. Currently entrepreneurs have access to a big variety of tools and also the increase of networking platforms can help ecommerce entrepreneurs to gather a lot of useful information and know-how for improving their businesses. Our main objective is to identify which are the most important needs of ecommerce entrepreneurs in order to communicate with other business owners activating in the ecommerce industry. The secondary objective is to identify what features an online networking platform should have, so it can become an important tool for growing the marketing performance of each member using the networking platform. The research was made using a focus group composed of 15 participants. All participants are business owners who manage at least one online store, selling goods in the local or international market for at least 3 years. The results of the qualitative research made, were that entrepreneurs who are trying to establish a new business partnership, use classical forms of communication, such as email, phone calls, meetings but they believe that online communication would be beneficial for their business because it can be less time consuming and more efficient for finding new business partners or relevant know-how. We discovered that entrepreneurs wish to learn from the practical experience of other business owners to improve the marketing performance through innovation and creativity. The research conducted has identified the key elements of a business networking platform for entrepreneurs. The main elements required include privacy, security, sharing relevant know-how and elements that can create an efficient collaborative environment. We also discovered that local entrepreneurs do not use or know a business networking platform that meets their demands and expectations for sustaining an effective business development.