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Agnieszka Marcewicz-Kuba


This work presents the research results of the influence of modification deSONOx type catalyst of the sulfur dioxide emissions in the process of the hard coal combustion. The addition of zeolite catalysts modified by transition metal ions: V, Mg, activated by zinc sorbent with or without graphite addition caused the deeper burning of coal grains. The addition of the deSOx catalysts to the coal resulted in lowered sulphur dioxide emission. The addition of unmodified zeolite to coal during combustion reduced sulphur dioxide emission at about 5%. The modification of the support by both V and Mg reduced the amount of sulphur dioxide significantly. The obtained results of SO2 removal from exhaust gases were from 34.5% for Sip/Mg to 68.3% for Sip/V.

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Agnieszka Marcewicz-Kuba and Danuta Olszewska

The influence of a hard coal type on the degree of sulphur dioxide removal

In this paper the authors have studied the properties of zeolite and montmorillonite doped with the nickel and cobalt cations in the removal of SO2 from the combustion gases process based on the DESONOX method. Burning coal from the hard coal from the Silesian Coal Basin mine "Julian" and the Lubelskie Coal Basin mine "Bogdanka" with supports only - did not show any reduction of the SO2 emission in the combustion gases.

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Agnieszka Marcewicz-Kuba and Danuta Olszewska

Application of recycled natural aluminasilicate doped with vanadium for the decontamination of the air

This paper reports studies on the influence of vanadium concentration on the catalytic activity of DESONOX catalysts (in DESOX reaction) based on modified montmorillonite from Jelsovy Potok. The investigation of the influence on the physicochemical properties of the catalysts on their behaviour has also been studied.