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A. Lekatou, N. Gkikas, A.E. Karantzalis, G. Kaptay, Z. Gacsi, P. Baumli and A. Simon


Aluminum matrix composites were prepared by adding submicron sized WC particles into a melt of Al 1050 under mechanical stirring, with the scope to determine: (a) the most appropriate salt flux amongst KBF4, K2TiF6, K3AlF6 and Na3AlF6 for optimum particle wetting and distribution and (b) the maximum carbide volume fraction (CVF) for optimum response to sliding wear. The nature of the wetting agent notably affected particle incorporation, with K2TiF6 providing the greatest particle insertion. A uniform aluminide (in-situ) and WC (ex-situ) particle distribution was attained. Two different sliding wear mechanisms were identified for low CVFs (≤1.5%), and high CVFs (2.0%), depending on the extent of particle agglomeration.